Seventh Quarterly Report- Trends of Violence and Contestation in Nepal, July to September 2018


In the third quarter of 2018, the PMP recorded 852 incidents (607 of them violent and 245 non-violent incidents of protests, public contestation or threats). A total of 152 people were killed in violence and 288 cases of rape/attempted rape was recorded. This marks an increase in incidents by 10 percent (from 776 to 852) and also an increase in death by 36 percent (from 112 to 152) when compared to the previous quarter, making it the quarter with the most fatalities overall so far this year. Similarly, the cases of rape or attempted rape also increased by 59 percent in this quarter (from 182 to 288).

Similar to the previous quarter, gender based violence (GBV) and personal disputes continued to be the main drivers of violent deaths, killing 67 and 28 people respectively in this quarter. The most common forms of GBV were sexual assault with 311(a dramatic increase of 61 percent against the quarter 2 figure of 194) and domestic violence with 71 incidents. The rape and murder of 13 year old girl Nirmala Panta of Bhimdutta Municipality in Kanchanpur triggered a nationwide outrage, as despite several investigations and interrogation of 250 persons the main culprit was still at large. Similarly, on August 24, in a protest against Nirmala’s murder 17 year old Sunny Khuna of Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur district was killed and 25 injured after the police opened fire on civilians with tear gas and live ammunition.

Three incidents related to abuse following dowry demands were recorded, in which two women were killed. In 11 incidents people were attacked following accusations of witchcraft. Similarly, 14 cases of violence or discrimination against Dalits were recorded, involving five injuries and the death of one person.

Similar to the previous quarter, governance, politics and economic issues triggered majority of the non-violent contestation and public protests in this quarter.