Eighth Quarterly Report- Trends of Violence and Contestation in Nepal, October to December 2018


In the fourth quarter of 2018, the PMP recorded 582 incidents (453 of them violent and 129 nonviolent incidents of protests, public contestation or threats). A total of 99 people were killed in violence and 203 cases of rape/attempted rape was recorded. This marks a decrease in over all incidents by 32 percent (from 852 to 582 ) and also a decrease in death by 35 percent (from 152 to 99) when compared to the previous quarter. Similarly, the cases of rape or attempted rape also decreased by 30 percent in this quarter (from 288 to 203).

Gender based violence and disputes of a personal nature have remained to be the main drivers of fatalities with 40 and 31 deaths respectively. Sexual assault was the most common forms of GBV with 212 incidents. The number of incidents of sexual assault decreased by 32 percent in this quarter (from 311 to 212 incidents). In case of domestic violence, 49 incidents were recorded which depicts a decrease in such incidents by 31 percent (from 71 to 49 incidents). Similar to the previous quarter, the rape and murder of 13 year old girl Nirmala Panta brought along several questions regarding the justice system and the accountability of the government. Nationwide protests were organized demanding justice and effective investigation by the police.

Governance, politics and economic issues also triggered nonviolent contestation and public protests in this quarter.