Polling Day Update (Local Election 2022)


The polling day of local election in Nepal on May 13 remained largely peaceful despite a few instances of clashes and tensions at polling centers in some districts.

There was 64% voter turnout, though the Election Commission Nepal (ECN) had anticipated 68 to 72% of voter’s participation. Local levels having larger voter pools including Kathmandu metropolitan, and other local levels of Terai-Madhesh saw relatively lesser footfall in polling centers, which decreased the total voter turnout. Overall, the voter turnout ranged from 50% to 75% at individual local levels.

The data released by the ECN showed smooth completion of polls in the majority of the 21,955 polling centers. Elections were held successfully in all polling centers in Lumbini province while elections were canceled in 85 centers across 28 local levels in 17 districts of other provinces due to disputes and clashes between cadres of political parties at the polling center.

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