Political Incidents Between February 8 and March 22


There was a significant increase in the number of political incidents between February 8 and March 22, 2018. 73 political incidents were recorded during this period compared to 32 during the previous reporting period between January 8 and February 7, 2018. The increase in incidents during this period can be attributed to the increased activities of unidentified groups and the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). 25 of these incidents were related to unidentified groups, and 27 involved the CPN. Of the 27 CPN-related incidents, 14 were carried out by their cadres, while the remaining 13 involved the arrests of CPN cadres for allegedly carrying out violent activities. Nine incidents were the disputes related to the changing of the local unit centers and two concerned protests over the location of the provincial capitals.

This is the nineteenth in a series of periodic analysis updates that Democracy Resource Center Nepal (DRCN) and the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP) | have been releasing around elections and politics. This project receives financial and technical support from The Asia Foundation and The Carter Center.