Hands-on guide on how to subscribe to alerts

2017-03-17 is a system designed to alert local organizations to human rights and security incidents happening in their area; as well as allow them to easily share incidents they witnessed in local, national and international organizations.

To keep yourself updated with the current happenings, please subscribe to our alerts to receive email or sms notifications of incidents. When subscribing, you can select broad thematic categories and the geograhic location of incidents within Nepal that you wish to subscribe for.

In a previous blog entry we showed you how to access, filter and export reports from our database.

In this blog entry we provide a step-by-step guide on how to:

Subscribe to alerts by email or sms.

Subscribe to updates from our blog.

Report incidents happening in your area.

Subscribe to Alert

Following is a step by step description on how to subscribe to alerts:

1. To subscribe to alerts click on the get alerts button on the main-page.

2. Select your district, city or VDC name – using the find location field – and choose the radius around the location you want to receive alerts from.

To receive alerts from all over Nepal please select a radius of 500 km from the default point.

3. Select the medium of alert as per your convenience.

For sms alert please add 977 to you phone number, for example: 977 9808975502. If you select email, you will receive an email on each specific report. Select the option email digest to receive one email per day with a list of incidents and links for the category and area you subscribed for.

4. Select one or multiple topics of your interest.

The main thematic categories are Human Rights, Security, Gender-bassed Violence, HRD issues, and Election and CA-related incidents. Select no specific category to receive alerts of all the incidents mapped by NepalMonitor. In this example we selected Actor Tracking: Political Parties and Election and CA- related

5. Once you have filled in the form, click on save my alert.

You will receive an activation email or sms. Please confirm your subscription to start receiving alerts. To unsubscribe, simply click the link given at the bottom of each email alert sent. At the bottom of each email you will also find a link to switch your subscription from single email alert to the daily digest feature or vice versa.

Subscribe to updates from our blog

In addition to our incident alerts, also maintains a blog where we regularly publish detailed analysis, aggregated data or human interest stories related to human rights, gender-based violence, security issues and our electoral violence monitoring in Nepal. 

This post will guide you on how to subscribe to our blog to receive updates on new posts by email.

 the menu bar of our home page, click on blog as shown below:

To subscribe to our blog, please enter your email address at the bottom right of the blog-page and click on subscribe.

You will receive an activation email. Please confirm your email address to start receiving notifications on new blog entries as soon as they are uploaded.

How to report incidents allows you also to share information about human rights and security incidents happening in your area. To report you can:

use our online form,

send an email to, or

call our duty phone 9808975502.