District (Dhading) Reports

GBV / Dhading

Accused of rape arrested from Dhading
Bagmati, Dhading, Tripura Sundari, Ward 6
October 28, 2020

Interpersonal Violence / Dhading

Man surrenders to police after murdering one in Dhading
Bagmati, Dhading, Nilakantha, Ward 13
September 03, 2020

Children’s Rights / Dhading

Accused of sexual abuse arrested in Dhading
Bagmati, Dhading, Rubi Valley
August 22, 2020

GBV / Dhading

Man murders wife in Dhading
Bagmati, Dhading, Nilakantha, Ward 14
March 06, 2020

Political / Dhading

CPN trade union chairperson jailed
Bagmati, Dhading, Nilakantha
February 28, 2020