Incident Reports

Wife previously abused goes missing


आवश्यक सहयोगको याचना गर्दै नेपाल मनीटरलाई निम्नलिखित संदेश प्राप्त गरेको छ। आदरणीय, म सचित सिंह, सप्तरी जिल्ला, मधेपुरा गा वि स- १ , हनुमाननगर प्रहरी चौकी नजिकको वासी हो र हाल भारतको बम्बेमा एक आईटी कम्पनीमा कार्यरत छु। मेरो श्रीमती र छोरा (२ वर्षे) गाउँमै बस्छन्। करीब तीन वर्ष अगाडी मेरो विवाह भारतको बिहार प्रान्तको पटनावासी एक केटीसंग भएको थियो र उनले नेपालको कानून बमोजिम नेपाली नागरिकता समेत प्राप्त गरी सकेकी छन्। दाइजोको कुरालाई लिई मेरो श्रीमती र छोरा दुवैलाई मेरो बुबा, मदन कुमार सींह, आमा दिनेश सींह र भाई, रोशन सींहद्वारा यातना दीईयो। निजहरूले हामीलाई संधै नै धम्कि दिने हुंदा तीनले मेरो परिवारलाई हानी पुर्याएको हुन सक्ने मेरो आशंका छ। मेरो परिवार विरूद्ध हुन सक्ने कुनै पनि क्षतीका लागि माथि उल्लीखित व्यक्तिहरू जिम्मेवार हुनेछन्। तसर्थ, मैले यस विरूद्ध जाहेरी दर्खास्त दर्ता गरेको कुरा तपाईंहरूलाई जानकारी गराउन चाहन्छु र नोभेम्बर १२, २०१२ देखी म नेपालमा हुने कुरा जानकारी समेत गराउन चाहन्छु। सचिन कुमार सिंह यो सूचना प्राप्त गरेपश्चात र सो घट्नामा नयाँ विकासको हकमा,प्रहरीले सोधपुछ गर्दा दबाबमा निजलाई यातना नदीएको भनी बयान दिएपछीबाट निज र छोरा दुवै जना हराई रहेको र कुनै पनि सम्पर्कमा नआएको भनीएकोले सो मुद्दालाई राष्ट्रिय स्तरमा ईन्सेक र राष्ट्रिय मानवअधिकार आयोगमा हस्ताणतरण गरिएको छ। यसपछिको अर्को संदेशमा, सचिन सींहले हनुमाननगर प्रहरी कार्यालयको प्रमुख, रत्न पौडेललाई सम्पर्क गर्दा उनी पटना गईसकेको र आईन्दा यस्ता स-साना कुरामा उनलाई सम्पर्क नगर्न चेतावनी समेत दिईयो। प्रहरीले सचिनको परिवारले भने अनुरूप काम गरेको शंका गरेकाले प्रहरीले उचित छानबीन गरेको कुरामा भने विश्वस्त छैनन्। Nepal Monitor has received this communication from Sachin Kumar Singh asking us for necessary support: Respected Sir/Madam, I am Sachin Kumar Singh from Madhepura VDC-1, Saptari District, close to Hanumannagar Police Post and currently working for an IT company in Bombay, India but my family: wife and a son(2 years)is in the village. I was married to a girl from Patna, Bihar (India)some three years back and she has acquired the nepali citizenship as per the law. Both my son and my wife were tortured by my father, Madan Kumar Singh, brother, Roshan Kumar Singh and mother, Dinesh Singh over dowry issues.Since I am in Bombay, I suspect that they might have harmed my family as they keep us threatening everyday.So, the above mentioned people shall be responsible for any damage caused. So, I want to inform you that I am filing an FIR to report the same and that I will be available in Nepal from 12th Nov, 2012. Sincerely Sachin Kumar Singh Upon the receipt of this message and the further development in the case that the victim was made to confess that she was not tortured following the enquiry by the police and that the duos are missing and not in contact afterwards,and that they might have been murdered, the case was forwarded to NHRC and INSEC at national level Another message from the complainant indicated that Sachin Singh had contacted the police office, Hanumannagar, Saptari and had talked to the incharge, Mr. Ratna Poudel and that the victim has moved to her native place, Patna and that he should not be contacting and bothering the police further on such petty issues. Sachin was not convinced, as the police are only acting on the word of his familiy, which he suspects: -------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir/Mdm, Last night I have contacted local police station Hanumannagar, Saptari whose in charge is Mr. Ratna Paudel and after his initial inquiry, I came to know that she left for her native place and the below mentioned person doesn't have any role in this.He also warned me that I should not waste his time for these small issues while I was asking him to file an FIR. Not sure but I have got few questions, 1. In a male dominated society and in the presence of below mentioned peoples how can a women take such a decision to travel alone to the Patna, Bihar, India ( Her Native Place) and that to also along with the 3 years small children.why they didn't stop her or they would have called me at the same time. 2.The local authority made an inquiry with the below accused persons and their conclusions were based upon the fact that below accused people have suggested. My question is why an accused person will confess if they themselves are involved in that incident. 3. Is it legal to torture a women for anything and all the time with or without a reason. Have they filed any FIR against her before for any incident. Who are they to order a punishment. Do they respect the law governed by the constitution of this country? Till date I'm not in the contact with my wife or children and if they contacts me or if i'm able to make a contact with them i will update accordingly.Due to job related compulsion I'm unable to travel to the country immediately but if it is really urgent then I have to.In any case, I'm sending this email to update the Nepal police of the situation and tomorrow if anything goes wrong either with me or with my wife/children, the below mentioned persons will be responsible.Looking for Justice.