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SJMM Central Member Arrested


Udaypur/ December 15

Bed Man Tamang, 25, central member of Samyukta Jatiya Mukti Morcha (SJMM) has been made public by police on December 15.


Tamang, a permanent resident at Okhreni  of Bhuttar8 and involved in armed activities in various parts of the country was arrested from Gaighat bazaar on December 14, said Narendra Prasad Upreti, DSP at District Police Office, adding that Tamang has admitted his involvement in various bomb blasts that took place in the district for the past two years.


Tamang, who is detained at District Police Office, has also admitted that he collected Rs 7000 each from secretaries of 21 VDCs in the district, police said, adding that further investigation on Tamang is underway.


Meanwhile, one Bishwo Kranti claiming himself as spokesperson of SJMM urged an immediate release of Tamang. Stating that SJMM is in the process of talks with the government, Kranti said that Tamang's release is imperative as he is also a member of the talk team.


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