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Former lawmaker dragged into human trafficking case in Kathmandu


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

Pasang Sherpa, Former Constitution Assembly Member and Former President of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), and Dandu Sherpa, Vice-President are dragged into the illegal human trafficking case. In the name of the cultural program, they took 13 non-artist people as artists to Mexico and they took 3 crores 90 lakh rupees from those artists. They took these 13 people to Mexico in April. Now, these people have entered America.

Calling housewives and businessmen artists, they are accused of taking Rs 3 Lakh per person and taking them to Mexico. Pasang Chhopen, Sonam Doma, Dawa Futik, Karma Bagya, Pasang Sherpa, Kasang Sherpa, Pemba Nupu Sherpa, Lopsang Lama, Dawa Chhiring Sherpa, Kancha Sherpa, and Galgen Sherpa of Taplejung are now in the United States. Galgen is Pasang's own brother. Tenzing Sherpa from Gorkha and Aarti Rai from Ilam has also reached the United States as artists. Pemba Nupu and Pasang Chhopen are in prison in Texas, USA. Eleven people arrested on the charge of entering illegally have been released on bail.

A complaint was lodged at the District Administration Office, Taplejung last September, alleging that 13 people were being prepared to be taken to Mexico with the plan of making non-artists artists and leaving them there. After the preliminary investigation of the complaint, the application from the administration office reached the police headquarters through the district police office. The petitioner had claimed that he planned to take non-artists as artists as per his plan to leave Mexico with Rs 3 million per person. Based on the seriousness of the incident, after the head office sent the application to the bureau last October, the bureau had called some artists including Pasang for questioning. According to sources, Science Minister Shivlal Thapa and CA member Ganga Chaudhary were also preparing to accompany Pasang. Fifteen people flew to Mexico in the first week of April last year after both of these jobs were canceled. When they returned, only Pasang and Dandu returned. Dandu said that he returned to Nepal with Pasang two days before the end of the program.

"We have come to Nepal. They ran away. Thirteen went to Mexico in person. I have also become a translator because of Pasang. My expenses are borne by Pasang, 'he said. Pasang claimed that all of them went at their own invitation at their own expense and no money was taken from anyone. He claimed that all those who had gone to Mexico were now in the United States and did not know how they got there. "I went at my own expense. Dandu also went at his own expense," he said. "Saying that he raised money is just an attempt to discredit him." "But when they came back, they only came and fled without knowing it, so we have started the investigation." According to bureau sources, during the investigation, it has been reported that a group active in illegal human trafficking has used the visits of other CA members and some ministers abroad. The Bureau is investigating the involvement of Maoist CA members Goma Kunwar, Dor Prasad Upadhyay, Sirjana Tamaru Khatri, Santa Kumar Tharu, Rupa Maharjan Shrestha, Ram Maya Bogati, Dilmaya Dhami, and Dhana Pahari in the incident. Police have arrested and detained Dinesh Khadka alias Rohit, an aide of the CA member, while they are only taking statements without arresting the CA member.

CA member Ram Hari Khatiwada had claimed that the then Environment Minister Vishwendra Paswan had left for Portugal and Spain with 15 unrelated persons at a cost of Rs 17 Lakh each when he went to the climate conference in Paris. The police officer involved in the investigation says that the investigation is ineffective due to the absence of the victim as such incidents take place with the consent of the victim. The police officer argues that the law seeks the victim in the investigation of human trafficking but the evidence against the perpetrator will be weakened if he is involved in the alleged incident. "It is challenging to investigate so that the victims do not come in contact with the police even after receiving the information," said DIG Silval.