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Expelled Woman Seeks Justice


Province 1, Morang, Katahari

Morang/December 21

Sema Sardar, 35, of Hattimuda3 has filed an application at VDC office seeking justice on December 21.


The application states that Sema was expelled from home by husband Ashok Sardar, 33 following frequent stern beatings to her. The application further states that Ashok expelled Sema blaming her for not giving birth to children.


Sema stated that after expelling her from the house, Ashok got married with a girl of Thalaha VDC on December 8, dismantled the house and took all belongings to Thalaha VDC after the second marriage.


Sema has also urged INSEC district representative (DR) to help her. INSEC DR suggested her to file a complaint at police after consultation with VDC level Youth Awareness Centre and Women Network.


Santosh Majhi, secretary of the Youth Awareness Centre said that he will help  Sema to file complaint at police.


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