Incident Reports

Studies remain affected in lack of Birth Registration certificate


Province 1, Ilam, Illam

The study of three students of class eight in Adharsha Secondary School in Illam headquarters remains affected in lack of birth registration certificate. When the school authority asked for a Birth Registration certificate to fill examination registration form, studies of Priya Shrestha, Manisha Limbu and Bishal Rai of class eight have been affected as they lack the certificate. After being abandoned by single mother three- years ago, 13- years-old Priya Shrestha has been living with her 70-years-old maternal grandmother Bishnu Maya Shrestha in Tilkeni Municipality- 6, Illam. Not only Priya her nine-years-old brother Gopal Shrestha also lacks the birth registration. Manisha Limbu, classmate to Priya also doesn't have a birth certificate. Manisha permanently from Jamuna-4 is now living in Pipalbot. 14-years-old Manisha has already lost her father Dhan Bahadur Limbu. Bishal Rai, classmate to Priya and Manisha also lack birth certificate. He is unknown about the where-about of his father while his mother is now abroad. Mr Sekhar Singh Khatri, principal to the school reported about the same problem of Laxmi Mukhiya of class six, Pratikshya Khadka of class five. According to Khatri, "There is no information regarding parents and address of Arjun and Karan. They are under the care of Shyam Jairu of Illam Municipality 2.There has been no problem studying until class seven. As the birth certificate is needed for filling the form of district-level examination in class eight, there remains a problem for making them appear for the exam. Though appeal has been made to Municipality to make a birth certificate with the ground survey, nothing has been made till date. We are much worried about birth registration of these children ". Mr Ambika Prasad Khanal, Assistance Technician, Examination Department, District Education Office informed about the mandatory legal provision of birth registration since kindergarten.