Incident Reports

Woman Mistreated on Witchcraft Allegation


Bardiya/November 8 Jamuna Gharti Magar, 35, of Sanoshri VDC-8 has been mistreated by Budhhisara Magar, 34, of ward no. 7 on November 5. According to locals, Buddisara claimed that Jamuna made her ill by casting spell on her. Jamuna, who had reached Budhhisara's house following a tip-off that she would be accused of being witch, was made to touch rice and lit diyo by Budhhisara's family. Jamuna was also accused of being witch by her sister-in-law last year. She complained that the villagers suspected her whenever anyone fell ill in the village. When she filed her complaint last year, the case was settled after the culprits apologized. She said that she was thinking of filing a case to initial legal process to rid her completely from witchcraft allegations. She has also urged INSEC, Awaj and other rights organizations to help her.