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Bomb Explosion in Cement Factory


Lumbini, Dang, Tulsipur

Dang/December 26

Jantantrik Tarai Madhes Mukti Party has detonated a pipe bomb at Sonapur Cement in Bijauri1 on December 25. The group has claimed responsibility for the explosion.


Soon after the explosion, the group called the police informing them that there was another bomb in the factory.


Factory's administration chief Dhrub Oli said after the phone call, the police along with NA's 19th Brigade bomb disposal team from Tulasipur began searching for the device. A socket bomb was found inside the receiver of compressor room.  The bomb was safed defused at around 2.45 pm.


The group had demanded Rs 23.3m for the past two weeks.


Meanwhile, INSEC Udaypur DR said that a time bomb was found in a suspicious bag left in planning section of District Development Committee, Udaypur on December 26. It was said that the office staff were carrying the unattended bag asking for the owner when the police told him to leave the bag as it could have been a bomb. The bomb was later defused by the bomb disposal unit of NA's Bhawani Dal Battalion.


Police suspect the bomb could have been left by Khambuwan Rastriya Mukti Morcha Samyukta, active in the eastern hilly districts.


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