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Three Teachers Seriously Injujred in RPP Attack


Bagmati, Dhading, Nilakantha

Dhading/January 1

The teachers' unions have held rally and protest in the district headquarters on January 1 to protest the RPP attack on Nabaraj DC, the principle of Mukradevi Secondary School at Borang in Sertung1, its former principal Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and teacher Arjun Aryal.

The teachers were beaten up in RPP cadres on December 31 for not allowing the party cadres to hold program in the school and not welcoming former home minister Buddhiman Tamang.


Among the injured, DC has suffered serious head injuries for which he was treated at local Sertung Health Post where he required 13 stiches. Aryal has sustained eye injuries. Bhattarai has bruises all over his body. Bhattarai was taken to Kathmandu but could be airlifted to Kathmandu only on January 1 afternoon due to bad weather.


The injured said the RPP cadres wanted to hold their program in the school but they did not give permission. Though, the villagers were warned against informing the public, the villagers defied the warning and called the concerned authorities.


It is said that RPP leader Tamang was in the district for the last week. When contacted, Tamang said the attacks were not carried out by his cadres but the local people who had held grudges with the teachers.


Five teachers' unions, active in the district, issued a press statement on January 1 condemning the incident. The statement also called for school bandh on January 1.


The unions also held a rally demanding free treatment of the teachers and legal action against the assaulters.


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