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Police Refuse to Register Complaint


Kailali/June 7 District Police Office, Kailali has refused to file an FIR being filed by Nirmala Badi, 24, of Malakheti VDC-3 against her husband Prakash Badi, 27, on June 7. According to Nirmala, her husband had attempted to kill her on June 3 when he hit on her head with stone and also tried to strangulate her. A Sub-Inspector at the DPO said the claim did not qualify to the conditions of attempted killing laid in no. 15 of Chapter on Murder of Muluki Ain adding they encouraged Nirmala to file case under Public Offence Act and Polygamy charges. Nirmala has sustained eye, head and face injuries due to her husband's beatings. Sur Bahadur Pariyar


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