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MAHURI-Home apeal to Stop the Torture in Name of Establishing Peace and Security


Kapilvastu, aam janata mathi police ko atyachar. "In the Kapilvastu district as dated 13th June 2013, Thursday at 5:00 PM. in way of Taulihawa and Lumbini road near VDC Dohani ward No.4 at Mainihawa village. The traffic police in charge ASI Mr. Dev Bahadur Thapa commanding toli was misbehaved with tractors driver and punctured Tyre. The civilian oppose this type of behavior at present, District Police office Kapilvastu Inspector Mr. Jeshi Shah leading toli charging stick on innocent civilian and fire the 5th round air gun. On these types of work Madhesh Human Rights Home taking it very seriously. At the same day at 10:00 PM. the commanding toli of Inspector Mr.Jeshi Shah re-reached the Manihawa village. An arbitrary arrested the Raja Ram Kahar 50 years old and Ankit Agrahari kapilvastu Muncipality ward N0.4 age of 14 years and torture both by physically and mentally. The attitude putting on civilian by Nepal police is against on the Interim Constitution Article No.12(Right to freedom) and Article 26(Right against Torture). Police uses too much force towards the civilian when they are opposing this misbehavior. Madhesh Human Rights Home is requesting to the state to provide the medical support, compensation to victims and punished the perpetrator according to laws. Today, the Rupendhehi Police in Commanding of Inspector Prem Pokhrel team charging the stick on civilian who are come to receive the citizenship card at VDC Ray Pur ward No-7,Bichawapur. Madhesh Human Rights Home requesting and raising the voice to state for stop these types of un humanitarian behavior, arbitrary arresting, torture and not to use too much force toward civilians.


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