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Woman Files Complaint against Brother-in-Law


Province 1, Morang, Katahari

Morang,Kutpit garne devar virudh ujuri. Morang/ August 29 Sabana Khatun, 27, of Katahari VDC-4 has been seriously injured by her brother-in-law Mohamed Nabi, 22, over a family dispute. The victim has lodged a complaint against him at the police office on August 29. The victim received medical treatment at Koshi Zonal Hospital. According to Jamuna Basnet of Women and Children Service Centre, the accused attacked the victim in an inebriated state. The victim also lodged a complaint at District Administration Office on August 28 demanding security. The District Police Office has written Hatkhola Police Office Biratnagar to arrest the accused on August 29.


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