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Two Injured in Bomb Blast


Karnali, Humla, Chankheli

org SMS ALert:Humla, bomb visfot ma dui jana Humla/September 11 Two, including a toddler, have been injured in an explosion at Kallasa in Gothi VDC-1 on September 10. Lalbir Rokaya, 36, and his son Lav, 3, were injured when Lalbir handled the device placed in a corner of his house in the morning. A police team arrived at the scene from Sarkegad Police station. Police suspected that the bomb was left behind by the Maoists during the conflict. Police have also cordoned off the area in suspicion of more such bombs in the vicinity. Acting CDO Bam Bahadur KC informed that Lalbir has lost his left eye in the explosion. Both injured are being treated at Melchham Health Centre. The relatives said that they were trying to take both to the hospital with better facility. KC said that the administration had asked the locals to inform the police if they sighted such objects. According to the locals, Rokaya’s house was used by the Maoists as Area Party Office and also to store the explosive devices. Police said they were investigating the incident adding it was necessary to find out more as the device was probably in the house for such a long time. B


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