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Woman Injured in Husband's Knife Attack Succumbs


org SMS ALERT: Kailali, patiko churaprahar bata gambbhir ghaite mahilako mritu. Kailali/September 16 Bhagrati Bhatta, 45, of Geta VDC- 5 has died on September 15 owing to her husband Bijay Raj Bhatta’s stabbing on knife on April 21. The accused, Bijay Raj Bhatta stabbed in her chest with a knife seriously hurting her. She was treated at several hospitals in Kathamandu and Indian cities. She returned home two months ago as she did not recover, SP Mohan Raj Joshi said. Police informed that postmortem of the body was conducted at Seti Zonal Hospital on September 16. Enraged Bijay attacked his second wife, Bhagirathi and her son, Chandrakant, 18, as she had filed a case demanding her share of his property. Police said that they were searching for absconding accused. One Labdev Bhatta has been on remand since on June 16 charge of abetting the assault. S


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