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Woman kills mom-in-law


Rauhatak, gharelu hinsaka karan sasuko hatya buharile gareko khulasa. Rautahat/September 17 Police investigation has found that Sona Devi Yadav, 48, of Pipra Pokhariya had been hacked to death by her daughter-in-law Sobha Devi Yadav. Sona Devi was killed by a sickle by Shobha Devi, second wife of her eldest son, Sikindra Ray yadav, following a domestic dispute, Inspector Bijay Raj Pandit said. Pandit said that Shoba was held after finding blood stains on her clothes. She confessed to the crime during police interrogation. Accused Shoba Devi is a 7-month pregnant lady. She has been remaned in custody by the Rautahat District Police Office.


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