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Minor Boy Slapped for Six-month Imprisonment for Juvenile Delinquency


Bagmati, Makawanpur, Bakaiya

Makwanpur / January 19

Juvenile Bench at Makwanpur District Court has pronounced verdict of six month imprisonment and to collect fine of  Rs. 13, 000 under juvenile delinquency to a 13 year-old boy on January 18. The bench has ordered to implement the verdict after monitoring the behavior of the minor boy. 


The juvenile bench of justice at District Court, Tek Narayan Kunwar convicted 13-year-old boy of Manhari3 for raping a five-year-old girl. The verdict stated that the activities of the minor boy should be monitored by child psychologist at his home on monthly basis. The verdict has further said that monitoring report of the minor boy should be submitted to the court on monthly basis.


Makwanpur District Police Office had filed a case at district court stating that the minor boy had raped five-year-old girl on March 27, 2011.


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