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Media's Role in Promotion of Justice and Security Discussed


Lalitpur/January 22

An interaction program on the role of media in promoting justice and security has been organized on January 22.


The program was organized by INSEC Mid Regional Office and SAFMA with the support of the USIP.


Speaking at the program, FNJ chairperson Shiva Gaunle stressed on the need to educate and train the journalists. He said, "Journalists are the ones who can bring change. Their shortcomings would be gone if training can be provided to them".


Gaule added the pressure exerted in the name of political consensus should stop further saying the practice of spending money in the name of political mechanism would never improve the security situation.


Addressing the same program, INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said there would be no justice in absence of security. He said that local presence, professionalism and trust of the society can create security.


Pyakurel opined that the journalists should bridge focus of the rights activists and the security personnel.


DIG Parashuram Khatri said better coordination between the security personnel and media persons would facilitate for better security and justice. He also urged the journalists to raise voice against the political interference in the police organization.


Expressing his views, journalist Kanak Mani Dixit said topic of justice cannot be touched at the time of impunity adding the security provided by the state was very weak.


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