Incident Reports

Clash between Youth Force and YCL Leaves Five Injured

2013-11-10 SMS Alert: Gulmi,yuth force ra YCL bich jhadap. Gulmi/November 10, YCL cadres and Youth Force cadres have ensued in a clash at Dhurkotrajasthal of constiuency number 3 on November 10 during their election campaign. Lil Bahdaur Khanal, 40, Hem Lamsal, 27, of Youth Force has been injured in the clash. Similarly YCL cadres Nim Bahadur Kunwar, 41, Jhabindra BK, 33, and Manohar Panthi, 27, were also injured in the incident. The injured are getting treatment at primary health post. YCL cadres chanted slogans against UML poll candidate Gokarna Bista after the incident. The UML cadres were in door to door campaign while YCL cadres were holding a village-level assembly.