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LGBTI issues not govt priority: Joint-secretary



Joint-secretary of state management committee of the Parliament Sudarsan Khadka today made a controversial remark on the issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex.

He said issues related to the protection of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex were not on the government’s priority list.

Khadka said this when representatives of the LGBTI community sought information on the citizenship bill amendment.

Joint-secretary Khadka also accused Madhab Dulal, a journalist and activist working for sexual and gender minorities, of raising the issues of LGBTI people for the sake of earning dollars. “Khadka’s remark on LGBTI community is objectionable and irresponsible,” said Dulal.

“A week ago, different organisations working for LGBTI people had submitted a draft of suggestions regarding provision of citizenship for sexual and gender minorities to the Chairperson of the State Management Committee Shahi Shrestha.

“I had just asked for information on the update of the bill amendment to include the provision of citizenship for LGBTI. But he responded in a very rude manner,” said Dulal.

Meanwhile, issuing a press statement, Mitini Nepal, an organisation working for sexual and gender minorities has condemned the remarks of the joint-secretary.

President of Mitini Nepal Laxmi Ghalan said sexual and gender minorities had always been discriminated in society and they were not able to enjoy their rights guaranteed by the constitution due to the mentality of people like Khadka.