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Murder Accused Arrested from Court Premises


Morang / January 26

Shambhu Yadav, 30 of Biratnagar Sub Metropolis-18, who is blamed for his involvement in the abduction of Bhaskar Rai, 23 of Biratnagar Sub-Metropolis-3 and also injuring Bhaskar's friend, Kundan Rai with a sharp weapon, has been arrested from District Court on January 25.


District Police Office (DPO) arrested Shambhu, who had gone to the court to register his statement in connection to the murder of his brother Karan Yadav, police said.


Earlier, Dewananda Yadav, district vice chairperson of ANNISU-R, a resident of Biratnagar Sub Metropolis-18 was arrested for his alleged involvement in the abduction and attack of Bhaskar and Kundan from Biratnagar on January 20. 


Whereabouts of Bhaskar, who was abducted from Biratnagar Sub-Metropolis-2 are still unknown. Police said that Bhaskar was abducted and disappeared by Shambhu. Bhaskar and Kundan were attacked with a sharp weapon when the duo was heading to the house of Anish Tuladhar of Biratnagar-12 on January 20.


A case of attempt to murder has been filed against the accused dup Shambhu and Dewananda, said Kamal Khatri, spokesperson at Morang DPO.


Police had already filed a case of murder attempt against Shambu in connection with attacking a detainee at district court on June 1, 2011.


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