Incident Reports

Political Parties Violating Election Code of Conduct


Kaski, Cunabi pracharma aacharsamhita ullanghan gardai rajnitik dalharu. Kaski/November 16 Political parties have violated the election Code of Conduct during their election campaign on November 16. UCPN-M, NC, UML and other parties have violated point 10, 11 and 12 of the CoC. Point 10 of the CoC restricts pasting any kind of posters in religious, architectural and historical buildings as well as in Memorial or Government or Public places. However, the political parties are found to have posted such posters/ pamphlets in walls and gate of Ram Primary School, Jana Priya Higher Secondary School, Amar Singh Higher Secondary School, La Gande College, Krishna Pranami temple, Bishweshwor Temple. They have also violated the number 11 of the CoC that restricts pasting the posters and pamphlets in private home, walls or any other places without the permission of the owner of such place. Prior to this, the Election Office had removed the flags and the hoarding board kept in the electricity poles and also had warned them not to do so, said the Chief of Election Office Ghanashyam Bhandari.