Incident Reports

CA Election 2013 Update, Gulmi


Gulmi, Sambidhansava nirwachan 2070 ko matadan lagayatka gatividhi, Gulmi. Gulmi-Representatives of political parties have left the polling station at Pur Secondary School of Malagiri VDC in constituency no.3 accusing UML of casting votes unilaterally and vote rigging. Stating that would not sign the documents, they left the polling center. Similarly, a clash occurred between UCPN-M and UML cadres when UCPN-M cadres tried to cast votes in the names of deceased persons at the polling station in Himalaya Higher Secondary School of Bastu VDC. UML cadres Bishnu Bhandari, Naresh Bahndari and Santosh Gautam sustained minor injuries while UCPN-M cadre Karna Pandey was also injured. The voting continued despite the incident.