Incident Reports

40 women rescued from India


Lumbini, Banke, Nepalgunj

40 Nepali women have been rescued from India. Of 40 women, 37 were rescued while they were on their way to 3rd country for employment while 3 were rescued from a brothel. Maiti India has placed the rescued women in three buildings in Indrapur in Ghaziabad. According to Balkrishna Pandey of Maiti India, 13, 7 and 17 were kept in a different house. The women had arrived in India after being tempted by the false prospect of good working condition and salary. Human traffickers had lured the women by promising that they would earn 50-60 thousand rupees monthly.

Five main human traffickers including Kedarnath Pathak were involved in sending Nepali women illegally to gulf countries. Police arrested three among them.

Police is further going on investigation about this incident.