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Attempt to Burn Down House of UCPN-M Candidate


Kailali, Aagyat samuhabata UCPN-M ummedhwarko ghar ma aagjani prayash. Kailali /November 1 An unidentified group has attempted to burn down the house belonging to UCPN-M poll candidate from Constituency no. 6 Lila Bhandari in Ingau of Fulbari VDC-4 on November 1. According to SP Mohan Raj Joshi, petrol was sprinkled in the sack containing coal to set fire in the house. The fire did not spread as water from the tank doused it when the fire destroyed its pipe. No group has taken responsibility for the arson. SP Joshi added that the investigation was ongoing. Member of Tharuwan State committee of UCPN-M Ramesh Basnet said that the people who fear defeat by UCPN in the election might have set fire on the house.


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