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Candidacies of 302 PR Candidates Scrapped


Bagmati, Lalitpur, Godawari

Lalitpur, Samanupatik suchiko 302 jana ko ummedhwari raddha. Lalitpur/November 15, The Election Commission (EC) has annulled the candidacies of 302 candidates under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system on November 15. Election Commissioner Ila Sharma said that the EC has annulled candidacies of 302 candidates after they were found not in line with meeting electoral laws. The candidates were disqualified for not meeting the minimum required age, for being nominating from more than one political party, being included in the list from both first past the post and PR system and for not being registered in the voter list. On November 12, EC had asked these candidates to furnish clarification. However, Sharma said that most of the candidates did not submit their clarification. Out of the disqualified candidates, 59 are from Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (Loktantrik). EC informed that among the scrapped candidates, 80 candidates were not registered in the voters list. EC informed that a total of 15 candidates from RPP, two from Rastriya Jana Jorcha, two from Shiva Sena, one from Nepal Pariwar Dal and one candidate from Federal Socialist Party and an independent candidate had not registered themselves in the voter roll. A total of 149 candidates' names were scrapped for not meeting the required age.


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