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Women Beaten on Witchcraft Accusation


Bagmati, Dhading, Nilakantha

Dhading, kathit boksi aropma kutiyeki mahila sadarmukamma alapatra. Two women of Sunaula Bazar VDC-4 who were beaten and seriously injured on charge of being witch have been stranded in the district headquarters. Chanamati Magarati, 30, and Pampha Magarati of Sunaula VDC-4 were seriously injured in an attack by the neighbors on charge of practicing witchcraft. The injured are getting treatment at the District Hospital. The victims are in a facing financial crisis for the treatment. The victims have lodged an FIR against Suntali Magarati, her daughter Sita Magarati and her husband Rup Bahadur Magarati at District Police office on December 11. All the accused have been arrested by the police for the investigation; however, the victims complained that the political leaders have been pressuring the police to release the accused. On the morning of December 10, the victim Chanamati was attacked by Suntali Magarati while she was coming back to home after dropping her child at school. Chanamati sustained a deep cut on her hand. She was further attacked with lathi by Sita Magarati of the same place, leaving her seriously injured. Other victim Pampha was also seriously injured while she tried to stop the accused from attacking Chanamati. She sustained a serious back injury. The injured were rescued by the locals and taken to the District Police Office. After a preliminary treatment at local medical both the victims were taken to District Hospital. The victims were threatened for their life by the villagers after they filed complaint at the police office.


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