Incident Reports

Woman Killed by Her Husband


Madhes, Dhanusha, Mithila

Dhanusha, Pati dwara nai patni ko hatya. Babita Yadav, 18, of Bateshwar VDC-8 is learnt to have been killed by her husband Bishwanath Yadav, 22. The incident was first published as an assault by the dacoits resulting in wife’s death and husband’s injuries, on December 10. Later on, it was learnt that the husband had set up the story of robbery after murdering his wife, says SP Uttam Raj Subedi. The police came to the conclusion on the basis of the objects found on the site and information provided by the neighbors. Teh couple used to have a fight on regular basis but on that day, when the seniors of the house went out to the funeral, Bishwanath charged his wife with an axe which resulted in the death of his wife. He made up the story of the Dacoits to save himself, said the member of the investigation, Govinda Puri. Police also arrested three other people after the incident for questioning. Since then, Bishwanath was arrested during his check-up at Janakpur Hospital, as he had an injury on his head which looked like a cut by some sharp object. Other three were released on December 12 after Bishwanath was arrested. Bin