Incident Reports

Child labour on the rise in Ilam


ILAM, Ilam ma baalshram ma bridhii. ILAM: With the authority’s failure to ensure children’s rights, child labour has become rampant in Ilam. Due to lack of effective implementation of legal provisions, the trend of hiring under age children in different sectors hasn’t stopped. During monitoring, children were found to have been exploited in hotels, shops, houses. According to sources, the exploiters were only fined Rs 15,000. Law of the land has banned child labour, but only on paper. Even stakeholders in the district confessed they have been freeing the abusers by charging only Rs 15,000 and extracting a promise not to exploit children. Ajit Yonjan, a child rights activist in the district accepted that nobody in the district was sentenced for child exploitation. They found 22 cases of child labour during their monitoring at houses, hotels and shops in the first six months of the last fiscal. Such exploitation has soared in the past eight months due to lack of monitoring, said Yonjan. According to him, inspection of child labour couldn’t be continued as it became problematic to rehabilitate rescued children. बालअधि