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Govt Withdraws Decision to Legalise Conflict Period Dealing


Kathmandu / February 9

The government has decided to withdraw its earlier decision to legalise the armed conflict period transactions of property and land deals on February 9.


The Cabinet's meeting held in Singh Durbar had made the decision to his effect today. The government had to withdraw its decision following immense pressure from the opposition parties.


The opposition parties Nepali Congress and CPN-UML among others had been continuously stalling House proceedings after the Maoist-led Cabinet decided to recognise the transactions made by the then People’s government during conflict.


During the meeting of UCPN-M , NC and UML held in Gokarna on February 8, the opposition parties agreed to sit for talks only after the prime minister agreed to address the concerns raised from several quarters regarding the Cabinet decision to legalise war-era dealings.


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