Incident Reports

Nine Kamlaris Rescued


Kailali,Sarvajanik suchanako antim dinsamma 9 jana kamalariko uddhhar. District Administration Office (DAO) has rescued nine kamlaris by February 11, 16 days since the issuance of the public notice to emancipate the kamalaris. DAO had published the notice on January 27 with the details of the employers still having kamlaris calling and asking them to return the kamlaris. Nine of them contacted the DAO, administrative officer Chiranjivi Ghimire informed. There were 83 kamlaris identified in the list. The returning kamlaris include Jayanti Chaudhary of Beladevipur VDC-7, Lamxi Chaudhary of Dhangadhi Municipality-1, Samjhana Chaudhary of Hasuliya VDC-5, Kushim Chaudhary, Samjhana Chaudhary and Bina Chaudhary of Narayanpur VDC, Deepa Chaudhary and Sila Chaudhary of Dhansinghpur VDC. CDO Bed Prasad Lekhak said that as 75 employers had failed to oblige the public notice, his office now will proceed with raiding the homes and initiating the legal procedure as per the Child Labor Prohibition Act against them.