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Youth's Role Crucial For Grass Root level Human Rights


Kaski/February 14

The role of youths is very crucial to take the human rights campaign at the grassroot level, INSEC's Executive Director Bijaya Raj Gautam said.


Gautam was speaking at the regional assembly of the Human Rights Education Club (HRERLIC). He added that in recent times, the Club has become inactive while urging the youths to remain ready all the time.


He added that the youth rights activists should adhere to the concept of volunteering like in the past.


Senior Human Rights Teknath Bara stressed on the importance of human rights movement and that the youths should play an important role to transform the status quoists. Cautioning the youth of being utilized by the political parties, he urged them join for the nation building.


Geeta Gautam, Human Rights Education Manager stressed on the active role of the young people to forward the Human Rights campaign. INSEC western regional coordinator Shiva Khakurel recalled that INSEC had been taking human rights campaign to the rural level since the last 20 years, he expressed appreciation of the HRERLIC.


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