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Woman jumps into river after hubby’s death


Karnali, Mugu, Khatyad

Mugu, pati ko mrityu pachi mahila le nadi ma haam falin. Sarita Shahi, 20, of Hyanglu VDC in the district reportedly jumped into the Karnali river after ‘she could not endure the pain caused by her husband’s death’. Her husband Birendra, 21, was burnt to death six days ago. The couple got married about three months ago. Local people said that Sarita walked out of the house on Sunday noon on the pretext of peeing and jumped into the river. Sarita has not been found yet, her brother-in-law Mangal said. “We were not aware of her plan to jump into the river. A local resident saw her jumping into the river,” Mangal said. “My brother (Birendra) died young. Sarita could not bear the pain caused by her husband’s death and committed suicide,” he said. Chief District Officer Balabhadra Giri said police are searching for the woman.


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