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Explosion Victims Undergoing Treatment in the Kathmandu


Karnali, Jajarkot, Chhedagad

Kathmandu,bisfotnma ghaite bhyekaharuko upchar hundai. Five people who were hurt in an explosion in Dashera VDC-3, Jajarkot have been undergoing treatment at different hospitals in Kathmandu. Nar Singh Thapa, 33, Bhakta Bahadur Chundara, Jokhe Thapa, 55, Man Bahadur Thapa and Nain Bahadur Nepali were injured in the explosion on February 19 when the sixth victim of the incident Kamara tried to burn the device in the anvil to scrap the metal. Kamara died while undergoing treatment at TU Teaching Hospital on February 20. Of the injured, Jokhe is admitted to burn ward of Bir Hospital while others are in surgical and burn wards for burn injuries to face and limbs. All the five injured were airlifted in army helicopter to Kathmandu on the day of the explosion. Jokhe reportedly took the pipe that the then rebels had left in his shed during insurgency to Kamara's workshop.


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