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One Boy Injured in Explosion


Karnali, Jajarkot, Junichande

Jajarkot,bewarise bombma pari balak ghaite. Jajarkot/March 19 Khadka Bahadur Budha, 10, of Nepane in Daha VDC-1 has been injured in an explosion of the socket bomb on March 17 around 4 pm. Budha had found the device in the jungle near his home. The explosion occurred when he was playing with it with a sickle hitting it. The splinter has injured his right side of the boy from below right shoulder to belly and has also lost four fingers of left hand. CDO Chakrapani Pandey informed that the boy was taken to Dailekh district headquarters from treatment with the support of the local villagers on March 18. Nepane is very remote village in remote Daha VDC lying bordering Dailekh, Kalikot and Jumla. Exactly a month ago, six people were injured when a pipe bomb, kept hidden by the then rebels went off at the workplace of a blacksmith. The blacksmith Kamara Chadara died while undergoing treatment of the injuries inflicted as he heated and hit the device to mold it to make some domestic utensil. Five others are still undergoing treatment at the TUTH in Kathmandu. The injured boy is being treated at District Hospital, Dailekh. Dr Bishnu Gautam, involved in his treatment, said that though the boy was brought late, they were doing their best and that his stomach injuries were complicating his condition.


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