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One Injured as Inmates Scuffled


Tanahun / February 15

One inmate has been injured when inmates at district jail scuffled demanding to change their spokesperson clashed on February 15.


Blaming that their spokesperson Prem Pariyar took commission in every item of canteen, charged them more money in the food items, mix uneatable items in rice and pulse, embezzle internal fund and did not recommend them when they fell sick, they chanted slogans and clashed with spokesperson and assistant spokesperson, the jail administration said.    


Agitating inmates had attacked spokesperson Pariyar and assistant spokesperson Dipak BK while they opened the door of the jail today, injuring BK in the clash, Krishna Baniya, SI deployed for the security of the jail said. The agitation will continue until the demand is met, Nabin Thapa, an inmate said.


Inmates' spokesperson Pariyar denying the allegations said that he is ready to face any action if he was found guilty. He blamed that those who have been imprisoned for drug smuggling charge are staging the agitation.


A large number of security personnel have been deployed in the jail following the incident.


CDO Rudra Prasad Paudel said that the incident occurred due to large number of inmates. He said that the Home Ministry and the Department of Jail were corresponded to transfer the inmates, however, they could not be transferred as no direction has been received from the authorities. The jail, which has capacity for 25, has been accommodating 125 inmates. <


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