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Rape Victim Loses Job for not Withdrawing Case


Bagmati, Dhading, Jwalamukhi

Dhading, balitkrit mahilalaai muddha firta naliyekole jaagir bata barkhast. Dhading/March 26 A 25-year-old rape victim has lost her job as assistant in the local school in Simkhadagaun of Dhola VDC-2 after she refused to withdraw her case. According to the victim, the school administration fired her on March 23 for seeking help from police and court for justice. Sanjib Sinkhada, 23, of Dhola VDC-2 had raped her on November 23, 2013 accusing her of not casting vote for his party in the election. She had registered a case against NC cadre Sinkhada on November 28. The victim complained that police was hesitant to arrest the accused. She said that the principal of the school repeatedly asked her to withdraw the case. The accused is absconding. She has urged human rights activist and stakeholders to help her get justice.


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