Incident Reports

DAO Bhaktapur Rescues 16 Child Labors


Bagmati, Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi

Bhaktapur,Madhyapur thimika hotelharubata 16 jana baalshramikko uddhar. Lalitpur/March 31 A team heading from District Administration Office (DAO), Bhaktapur has raided hotels and rescued 16 children working in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality on March 31. The DAO said that the raid was conducted with the support from District Child Welfare Committee in line with the goal of setting the district free of child labor in next five years and also after the public complaints of hotels hiring such young children as their workers. The rescued children were working at five hotels and momo shops on Dakshin Barahi Marg of ward no. 11, of the Municipality. The rescued children are identified as Pradip Lama, Urlim Maya Tamang of Sindhuli, Bire Tamang and Budhha Lama of Sindhupalchok from Dakshin Barahi Momo Centre. Likewise, Dhruba Shrestah of Bhaktapur was rescued from Gupta Sweet Home and Yuvraj Tamang, Sujan Tamang of Sindhupalchok, Susan Thapa of Dolakha and siblings Bibek Tamang and Bishal Tamang were rescued from Everest Momo Shop. The rescued children would be sheltered at Emergency Shelter at Tinthana in Kathmandu run by CWIN with the government support. The children will be provided counseling, rehabilitation and also formal or vocational education, if they don’t want to go back home. Acting CDO Damaru Prasad Niraula said that the rescue work had begun on March 31. It is said that besides hotels, brick kilns have high number of child workers. R