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Number of Missing Women Increasing Each Year


Kailali, jillama pratyek varsha mahila haraune sankhya badhdai. Kailali/April 23 The data compiled by the government and non-government organizations working in the sector of human trafficking have indicated that the number of women missing in the district is increasing each year. The information was provided at a program organized by Women and Children Office, Kailali and District Network against Human Trafficking on April 23. It was revealed during the program that in the FY 2011/12, there were 48 women missing of which three were found. Similarly in FY 2012/13, 95 women went missing of which only 17 were found. In the current FY, so far there have been reports of 97 missing women of which 20 have been found. Anti-women trafficking organization, Maiti Nepal’s documentation shows that in 2012/13 and 2013/14, 101 and 31 women respectively were rescued from the border. Another similar organization, Peace and Rehabilitation Home rescued 26 and 25 women respectively in the same period of two FY years. Chairperson of Civil Society for Democracy and Peace and INSEC Regional Coordinator, Khadak Raj Joshi said that the collective efforts would help the campaign of tackling human trafficking. S


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