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Abandoned IEDs Found


Karnali, Jajarkot, Chhedagad

Jajarkot,Bevarise socket bomb fela. Jajarkot/ May 19 Police have recovered huge cache of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from the house of one Jaya Bahadur Thapa at Suwanauli VDC-2, west of Khalanga. 323 pipe and socket bombs were found in his house at around 2 pm on May 17. The house of Jaya Bahadur was captured by the then Maoists during the armed conflict. His house was used by them to store the arms and ammunition. Jaya Bahadur informed about the explosive devices to the area police office after finding them while reconstructing the old house. The IEDs are in control of police, said CDO Chakra Pani Pandey. Civilians and locals are still at risk as the explosive devices abandoned during the insurgency have not been managed by the concerned authority even after the peace process. At least one person has been killed and six others, including a boy, have been seriously injured in the district when abandoned IEDs have gone off within last three months.


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