Incident Reports

Three arrested for holding a youth hostage in Morang


Province 1, Morang, Biratnagar

Police arrested three people from Biratnagar on the charge of detaining 23-year-old Subash Kamat of Biratnagar Metropolitan-18, Morang, for ransom. The arrested were 20-year-old Rohit Pandit of Biratnagar-16, 21-Year-old Ajaya Yadav of Biratnagar-6, 28-year-old Sandhya Sharma of Biratnagar-28, Morang.

Subash was taken hostage on Saturday. According to Man Bahadur Rai, DSP and Spokesperson of the District Police Office, Morang, the arrested have demanded a ransom of Rs 1 million from the victim's family. Rai said that Subhash was rescued within two hours of being taken hostage.

Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Onesided / Twosided Onesided
Collective / Interpersonal Interpersonal
Primary Form Extortion
Primary Cause Kidnapping for ransom
Actor 1 - Number of people 3
Actor 1 - Affiliations Citizen/Individuals
Actor 1 - Youth youth
Actor 2 - Number of people 1
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Citizen/Individuals
Actor 2 - Youth youth
National/Online Media