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Inter-caste Couple Rehabilitated


Province 1, Morang, Biratnagar

Morang, Bisthapit vayeka antarjatiya biwaha garne jodi puna sthapit. An inter-caste couple of Gokul tol in Biratnagar Sub-metropolis-5 who were displaced following their marriage have been rehabilitated following initiation from rights activists, police and civil society leaders on August 23. Suman Magranti and Urmmila Khatiwada were displaced since August 17 after Urmila's family did not accept their marriage. Suman had performed a court marriage with Urmal on July 20. Urmila's family had separated them with help from police. Her family had beaten up father of Suman Kesh Bahadur Magranti after the couple ran away on August 17.


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