Incident Reports

Children of Remote Villages Suffer from Malnutrition


Sankhuwasabha, Durgam gaiu ka balbalika kuposon bata grasta. At least five hundred children of four VDC's of Bhotkhola area have been affected by malnutrition. The children from Kimathanka, Hatiya, Chepuwa and Puwakhola VDC have been found suffering from malnutrition for lack of regular intake of nutritious food. Phurpu Bhote, Assistant Health Worker (AHW) of Hatiya sub-health post said that the children coming for treatment are found suffering from malnutrition. A study has shown that lack of balanced and nutrition diet has contributed to the malnutrition in these areas which are affected by poverty and unavailability of nutritious food. In May 2014, an integrated team of doctors which had reached Bhotkhola had produced a report of the area being affected by 100 percent malnutrition. Devi Maya Tamang, a 14-month-old child of Hatiya VDC-8 is suffering from malnutrition. Among the six children of Phulmaya Tamang, Devi Maya is second child who is suffering from malnutrition. Her son is also suffering from malnutrition. The land in these areas is not suitable for agriculture. Millet, maize and buckwheat are the only production which do not last for more than 2-3 months. Malnutrition has increased as nutritious supplements have not been provided in 2-3 hours gap along with the mother's milk, said former chairperson of the Hatiya VDC Wangdabi Bhote. There is a trend of parents leaving children alone at home while going for labor in the area. The children stay hungry and suffer from malnutrition as they are not fed nutritious food when needed, according to health workers. Hundreds of children are found suffering with malnutrition in all VDCs of this are which are about 150 north from the district headquarter Khandbari. Children suffering from malnutrition could not be treated due to the lack of doctors in the area, said a local Dharche Bhote. The area is at a seven days walking distance from the district headquarter. The produce in these areas only last for three months. Mothers from families who only take one meal a day suffer from low breast milk supply as they do not get nutritious diet. Chief of district public health office Madan Kumar Upadhyaya said that projects have been brought in partnership with Suaahara (good nutrition) in the area to control malnutrition.