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Woman Expelled from Home by In-Laws


Lumbini, Arghakhanchi, Sandhikharka

org SMS ALert: Arghakhanchi, Sasu Sarura duwara buhari lai gharnikala. Maya Chhetri, 21, of Sandhikharka Municipality-7 has filed a complaint against her parents-in-law at Women and Children Service Centre on September 8 for expelling her from the home. According to her, her father-in-law, Duk Bahadur Chhetri and mother-in-law Dali Maya Chhetri was forced out of the house on September 5. She added that she had been asked to leave the house for the last two months. She said in her written complaint that following the death of her husband, she was deprived of food, repeatedly abused and threatened of denying her her share of property. He husband Bal Bahadur Chhetri had died two months ago. At that time they had even tried to stop her from performing her share of ritual and only allowed after the neighbor's intervention. Women Development Officer Bishnu Kumari Lamichhane said that they would call the couple for discussion.


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