Incident Reports

Hoteliers Barred from Hiring Child Laborers


Ramechap, Baalshramik rakhne holtel maliklaai karyavahi garine. Ramechhap/ September 10 The District Child Welfare Committee has decided to take action against the hoteliers, if they are found employing children in their hotels and shops. The decision was made during a discussion session held on September 9 between the CDO Sambhu Prasad Marasini and the district-based Child Labor Minimization and Protection Mechanism. The issue of child labor was raised in the District Child Welfare Committee after the Mechanism and its members working in child welfare sector found the rampant use of child labor in various hotels and shops in and around Manthali and Ramechhap Bazar. Network coordinator and chairperson of NGO federation Birendra Shrestha said that the recommendation of taking legal action against such operators was approved in a meeting, as the child labor continued in the district despite previous requests.