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Man caught bribing police


Madhes, Parsa, Birgunj

org SMS alert: BIRGUNJ;ghush didai garda prahari dwara ek yuwak pakrau. An Indian national was arrested from Rajatjayanti Chowk in Birgunj , Parsa, on the charge of attempting to bribe a police personnel to smuggle a consignment of clothes from India to Nepal. The accused has been identified as Suresh Gupta of Motihari, India, who allegedly tried to offer bribe to the law enforcement official. Acting on a tip off, a team of police personnel had seized a large consignment of clothes belonging to Gupta loaded in six carts. It is learnt that the consignment of clothes had entered Nepal through Birgunj Custom Office by evading tax. Superintendent of Police Diwesh Lohani said that after the carts full of clothes had been seized by the police Gupta had tried for offer bribe of Rs 20,000 per cart to the police personnel. In a statement recorded by the police, Gupta said an agent identified as Jitendra Chaudhary at the customs office had helped him evade custom tax for the consignment imported from India. “Many importers have been found importing goods often on the same cart more than once by using the same customs clearance letter. They are able to do this because the carts at the customs office lack number plates,” said an official at the customs office. Currently, there are five carts to carry goods at the Birgunj Customs Office. Santosh Shrestha, chief investigation officer at the Inland Revenue Department, claimed that increasing number of goods are being imported into Nepal illegally of late. The prices of imported goods end up becoming relatively expensive in the market owing to the fact that importers have to pay hefty Value Added Tax and customs charge while importing goods. This is why most of them try to avoid paying taxes at the customs office altogether by illegally importing the goods so that they can earn more profits at the end by selling the same. The Inland Revenue Department, Bara collected Rs 345 million as revenue in the current fiscal year, which is an increase in the revenue collection by five times compared to last year.


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